About us

LittleGuyRov is a startup with a focus on bringing underwater videography and exploration to anyone. We are aiming for a compact self-contained ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) that is easy to learn and control. All at a lower cost than what the current market offers; which range up in the thousands.
An ROV can be used for multiple uses, such as;
Inspecting the hull or props on your boat. As an active fish finder, spotting new dive spots, monitor a dive live. Assist in locating the wreckage, monitoring life in the water. LittleGuyRov is even small enough to inspect irrigation pipes for potential problems.
At Little Guy, our goal is to make it possible for anyone to afford an ROV. With your help, we can make this happen. Donations are needed to purchase the equipment and supplies needed to start building working prototypes.
Please help LittleGuyRov your donations are vital to helping get Little Guy off the ground. So please help the Little Guy out. Please share, donate or both. Thank you and let’s explore!